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Think about a dance with no steps to follow, where the rhythm is a simple wave to ride, a wave in which to explore your authentic way of moving.
As your body flows in the movement you will discover that your mind becomes quiet. When you dance there is no judgment, there is no right or wrong, you cannot separate yourself from life: you are a flow of energy beyond the mind, beyond personality, you are connected to your innermost essence and wisdom.

We will enter a "meditation in movement". When the body moves, the breath, sensations, emotions move with it. It will become easy to shake repetitive thoughts, dissolve behaviors and emotional reactions that are no longer needed.

"If people could dance a little more, sing a little more, be a little more crazy, their energy would flow more and their problems would slowly disappear." OSHO

This experience will take you spontaneously into your rhythm, into your energy, into your yes to life without effort. The body, the heart, the soul become aligned in the here-and-now of the dance.

We will use different techniques:
- conscious movement
- meditations from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra about sound and movement
- Gestalt psychology techniques
- ecstatic dance
- mantra singing
- Osho meditations
and every kind of music!

We will also enjoy the beautiful heated pool of Miasto, to experience our "movement meditation" in the water and a deep, pleasant relaxation.

There will be many benefits:
- stagnant energy starts to flow again
- stress reduction
- inner calm beyond the turmoil of external events
- return to the inner source of joy and spontaneity

Do you think you cannot dance?

In dance as in life, living with authenticity from our heart offers an infinite freedom.
Put aside all your ideas on what dancing means, even a simple movement of the hand can be a profound experience and there are no words about it.
In the dance we move and we include everything: intense moments of joy and difficult moments of pain (pain in the body, shyness, self-limiting thoughts, a sense of isolation)
Through this process we learn to be true, fluid and whole.

"In this immensely friendly universe you are sitting like a stone Buddha - I do not teach the stone Buddha, I want you to be a dancing Buddha. " OSHO



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