The power of love

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Themes: rebalance the body, strengthen your resources, rebalance energy, relating,

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The power of love is a workshop that helps you discover your real power. Discovering your true power is about the ability to be yourself, learning to express yourself freely, regardless of others, claiming your right to be in your full potential.

We have been taught that power is to feel superior to others, that we have to be powerful to be loved. In our lives we often create separation thinking that material goods will give us power or maybe we’ll receive material goods through power. But instead of feeling good we feel isolated and in pain, because our power depends on others or depends on subduing others.

In this workshop, through different meditative techniques and energetic techniques from OPH® and experiential group techniques you will bring a profound healing to this dimension, finding the courage to express yourself without the need to belittle others, relaxing into your nature.

When you relax in your nature, the creativity and the love that is in you, finds space and expression. In this space there will more and more be the possibility to take decisions with a relaxed clarity, to live and express your vitality and joy of living, to recognize and expand the power of love.


  • Has 40 years experience with energy work. Meeting Osho (1980) she also developed - with Chidvi...

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