Flowing in the new year

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Themes: rebalance the body, rebalance energy, relax,

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This workshop has been specifically designed to spend the last days of the year, which is about to complete, in a different way, immersed in the Miacqua Sagar hot water pool. The end of the year is a special moment in which we sum up the past year and the seeds are planted for the new year. In a light and at the same time deep form, we will explore how the inner nature and the external world are not separated and everything that happens in the material sphere is only a reflection of our essential nature. The focus of this workshop is to reconnect to the inner qualities that truly express what we are, so that we can create the life we desire, in synchronicity. A fundamental step is to access the immense space of gratitude, an essential quality to recognize in order to be able to move in life in a more joyful and total way. Water will be the essential mediator of this process: it collects, carries information, spreads and carries energy, represents an extraordinary life force. The body, made mostly of water, resonates with this element when, in a state of absolute relaxation, it lets itself float and abandons itself in its arms. In this space of absolute abandonment and receptivity we will draw on its most energetic characteristics of this element such as resonance and the ability to transmit and amplify new understandings. With structures created specifically for this process, these qualities will be revealed, activating intentions and new projects for the coming year. All this will be made possible both by the support energy of the whole group, and using techniques derived from bioenergetics, guided visualizations, discoveries, dance, active meditation techniques and experimentation of Watsu elements. It is a workshop open to all those who want to live their lives in gratitude, as a reflection of who we really are. The gift that you will bring home will be a more open and creative vision of life, a wide range of experiences that, brought back in daily life, will help you turn moments of difficulty into opportunities to access your creativity. Immersed in a state of bliss, we enter the new year restored and alive, bringing with us the new message that water will give us.


  • Gyan Keli Procopio began her spiritual journey as a seeker in '88, the year in which he became a ...

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