From Water to Air

Born into this world

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We are born out of water, we enter in the air through breathing and we continue that exchange, throughout the earthly experience, between liquid and gaseous elements. Water has memory and harmony, takes all our forms, in and out of the body. Water and air will be the guidance and the catalyst for the transformation, it will help to bring to surface what is dormant in the protected corners of our inner confines. We will contact the blocks on the path that each individual is ready to look at. We will support the journey with exercises that helps recognizing and developing our own resources. Osho Meditations techniques are perfect gill! A jump in to the “Buddhahood

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  • Sandhano is a facilitator since 1979 and she has been a teacher for community attendance. Sannya...

  • Gila has a background as an artist and has been an actor since 1980 and with Osho since 1982. She...

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