Giudice Interiore Training - Modulo 3

La libertà di essere sé stessi

Category: training/formation,

Themes: free yourself from conditionings, strengthen your resources, rebalance energy,

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Il corso è in attesa di una nuova programmazione, scrivici per ulteriori info.

The inner judge training focuses on the study and deepening of the functioning mechanisms of the superego and its relationship with the ego and personality; on the practice of “presence” and “conscious defense” as necessary resources for the transformation of the aforementioned relationship.

Furthermore, it frames the “presence of the inner judge” in the broader sphere of the process of becoming adults and responsible for one’s own life, and how to actualize one’s human potential, integrating spirituality into daily life.

In this third module you will learn to work with internal representations. One of the fundamental effects of our internal dynamic with the inner judge is the formation and identification with an Image of Self and an Image of the body which corresponds to an Image of the world. These are called internal representations and determine all our experience. Osho speaks about it extensively and in this module, you will learn to work with these representations, yours and those of others. You will also learn and practice a second type of individual session.

Other topics: giving and receiving feedback; personal history as a distorted instrument of identity; the attachment movement.


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