Gurdjieff Sacred Dances

Awareness in the daily life

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14 April 2021
(h 10:00)
18 April 2021
(h 16:30)
5 days

The Armenian spiritual Master G.I. Gurdjieff rediscovered, at the beginning of last century, this collection of mysterious and ancient oriental dances, which, until then, were secretly handed down from Master to disciple.

The dances are about an ancestral corpus of practices that, through movement express, symbols, geometries and archetypes coming from different ages and traditions. Dances, which will lead us into the magical atmosphere of ancient knowledge, awakening our conscience from “hypnotic sleep,” paradoxically called “waking state,” which permeates our society.
During this workshop we will experience the postures and the sequences of new movements, we will have the chance to acknowledge new points of view and, through body intelligence, transforming what is unconscious and mechanical, getting closer to a new consciousnesses.

A journey to free ourselves from the influences of our past while preparing us to receive currents of energy from higher worlds.
It is therefore not a matter of learning some movements, but of rediscovering the sense of the sacred. While we abandon all the tensions, we become free to act.

Live music, marks each stage of the work and plays a fundamental role in the experience: it has an intimate relationship with the inner meaning of the dances and gives support to their rhythm, to their expression, becoming part of a general alchemy.

It requires neither a special physical nor artistic preparation, nor previous experience to take part.

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