Hara Awareness© Massage Basic 2

Resolving Energetic Blockages in the Belly

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Themes: rebalance the body, rebalance energy,

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Energetic blockages from past emotional events hinder the free flow of „Ki“ (Japanese for life energy) in the belly and pelvis. They disconnect us from our strenght and our full energetic potential. If we gently dissolve these blockages we can let go of seperation and dissociation. Topics of the 2nd part: - resolving past traumatic events that created energetic blockages in the belly and patterns of thinking in the mind - reconnecting to our full presence of being - being one and moving from the center - Qi Gong and working with the spontaneous movement oft he body - understanding the concept of "kyo" and "jitsu" in relation to the five elements - working with relaxing the fasciae in the belly - communication as means of directing "ki" life energy flow - exercises for centering and opening of the breath in the bellyIt is possible to participate to the Part 2 without having done the Part 1

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