Grounding yourself in relaxed strength

Hara Awareness Massage Adv. Training

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Themes: rebalance the body, strengthen your resources, rebalance energy,

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10 September 2020
(h 10:00)
13 September 2020
(h 16:30)
4 days
In this Advanced Training you learn techniques of Hara Awareness Massage to work on the legs, feet and pelvis. The training is a deep selfhealing process. Often in emotionally challenging situations in daily life we lose contact to our inner strength. We unconciously disconnect from our grounding and the energy field of the earth. Instead we feel „airy and helpless“. In this Advanced Training part we enter deeply into opening the energy flow in legs and pelvis discovering an inner relaxed strength. This enables to contain emotions and use their energy instead of being swept away by them. Techniques and topics opening energy points on the legs, pelvis and feet reconnecting to the source: spontaneous movements of Katsugen Undo learn to read the legs: the personality distorts the way we walk and disconnects us from the center and its strength absorption of grounding energy and its power to strengthen and nourish the Hara, the “source of life” in the belly. Hara Awareness in movement techniques and Qi Gong for grounding Hara centering meditation "The moment you are grounded, as the trees are grounded -- with deep roots in the earth -- when your body is receiving forces from the earth and you are available, relaxed, allowing them to fill your life center, the mind stops functioning, time stops." Osho        

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  • she works as an Osho therapist since 1981, merging eastern traditional healing and meditation ...

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