Healing Trauma

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Themes: explore the emotions, free yourself from conditionings,

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We all happen to have experienced small or big shocks in our life. These shocks are black holes in our aura. We experience these black holes by feeling frozen, paralysed, lost, cut off, embarrassed, and we often feel ashamed or guilty for our being in this state of shock. Perhaps, we have all experienced moments of shame in which we have felt inadequate. We often find it difficult to communicate and share this space with others, and we may feel hopeless because of that. This group is conceived to make us understand how and when we are in a state of shock, so that we accept more ourselves and the others. Meanwhile, through the use of the Osho Prana Healing, and the work on the hara that goes with it, a process of powerful healing will occur, filling up any black hole with vital energy.

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