Il sutra del diamante

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Meditation is an ever present underground stream; what we need is to dig enough in ourselves to find this eternal source again. Finding it, is to find the greatest joy in life.
This Meditation Retreat is based on Osho’s commentary on “The Diamond Sutra” (Vajracchedikā Prajñāpāramitā Sūtra, “The Perfection of Wisdom That Cuts Like a Thunderbolt”).
A clear path of profound wisdom that cuts and shatters through our perceptions of the world and its illusions, to get to ultimate reality, understanding and liberation. Osho reveals and clarify many hidden meaning of the Diamond Sutra, bringing light into one of the greatest spiritual treasure, making it understandable for us, and in this way giving us such a gift of compassion. These teachings are extremely potential for a great jump, literally a quantum leap. An intense meditation process, a marvelous chance for a growth into deepening our Path and understanding.
Main topics in this retreat
-The meaning of “no-self”
-Experiencing reality as it is
-What is the basic ignorance
-The true nature of phenomena
-Non attachment
-The eight barriers to wisdom
-What is a Bodhisattva
-Emptiness or Shunyata

“Buddha remains uncompromised, hence his purity. He does not care what you can understand, he cares only what the truth is. And he says it without being worried whether you understand it or not.
In a way this looks hard; in another way this is great compassion.
Truth has to be said as it is. The moment you compromise, the moment you bring truth to the ordinary level of human consciousness, it loses its soul, it becomes superficial, it becomes a dead thing. You cannot bring truth to the level of human beings; human beings have to be led to the level of truth. That is Buddha's great work. That is the meaning of Vajracchedika Prajnaparamita. It cuts like a thunderbolt. In one stroke it can destroy you. It is one of the greatest sermons of Buddha. Get in tune with it. This whole sutra is concerned with how to become utterly empty. This is his basic gift to the world” OSHO (“The Diamond Sutra”)


  • Osho disciple since 1980. Initiated into the Mevlevi Sufi Order of Konya ( "The Whirling Dervi...

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