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The voice is a powerful tool, it is the channel and a vehicle that makes our thoughts and moods audible and brings us in touch with ourselves and with others. Bringing attention and listening to the voice as a sound allows us to become more aware of our experiences and the ability to express them in authentic and effective way, avoiding the creation of blocks and distortions. In these days will be created a space where you can unleash and follow your own voice with totality and trust, opening more and more the way for the expansion and implementation of your own being. With passion and courage we will go beyond the conditionings and the judgments, you will recognize the "not your voices" that limit you and smother you, singing your thirst for freedom and enjoying the power of your being with vitality and intensity. When you merge with your singing, with grace and ease the mind gives way to the fragrance of the heart and the divine makes your voice heard. The energy can return at the service of the Essence. Singing has nothing to do with logic, when you sing the mind is quieted, beliefs begin to falter, because the mind does not know the language of singing (the mind speaks does not sing!). Singing has its roots in the heart, emerges from the source of love, is a leap into the unknown, you do not know where you're going, it's the voice that brings you and the voice knows where to go. Even when the voice breaks, it breaks, it becomes hoarse, trust! It is there that singing can open up new understandings and visions. The singing voice is a powerful expression vehicle, but it is also a channel that brings you to feel deeply what you are; while you sing the voice vibrates the physical body, the emotional body, the center of power and as a blossoming flower spreads its fragrance all around. And the more you let yourself go in the song as this fragrance will embrace you, and you will raise to a feeling thinner and sacred, in union with the whole. The level of creativity will become unpredictable and inexhaustible. And a precious silence will be established in your center. It is a receptive silence, available, able to get sounds in and out without interfering, and you become more and more a channel in which the voice flows leaving a sense of well-being, joy and peace. Some topics of this weekend: - Breathing and vibrating in the sound - Jibberish and open singing - Flowing and melting into the singing - Darkness Meditation and singing in darkness - In the center of the sound The weekend is open to anyone who wants to experience the power of their own voice, listen to themself, and to have an introduction to Voicing©.

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  • Shankara has a training in active and psychodynamic music therapy, subsequently integrated with o...

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