Inner Man Inner Woman

Come essere più presente, più creativo e più amorevole.

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15 November 2021
(h 10:00)
21 November 2021
(h 16:30)
7 days

Inner man, inner woman is a workshop that will clearly show your two sides and bring clear vision, so that you can get to know yourself better than before. Man and woman are different and this is obviously a blessing. But the contrast between their two natures can also be a source of problems in their relationship not only with your external partner, but also between the male and female polarities within themselves.

You will find out what has meaning or importance for your masculine side and your feminine side. Enough to understand why they want to devote their energy to their realization. You will notice if they are moving towards fulfilling their priorities or if they are at a steady point or if they maybe hinder each other.

Typically one of your two sides chooses how life should proceed and how to find gratification according to its values. While the other side chooses less or does not choose at all, not feeling gratified if external circumstances always seem to favor the other polarity. This domination of one side and the submission of the other can be the root of the inexplicable dissatisfaction that afflicts almost everyone.

In this workshop, both of your sides learn what it means to be present. Presence is the key to solving any problems between them. The dominant side is often not present because it is intent on making something that has taken possession of all the available space, time and energy resources. That is, not taking the relationship into consideration enough. The submissive side is often not there because it wastes its energy to "help" the other to succeed. Once these two mistakes are corrected, the second side can use their energy to create and enjoy the life they truly want. And the dissatisfaction ends.

We usually imagine that in order to balance our polarities they both have to compromise. Inner Man and Inner Woman is an experience that will show you the opposite. Instead, to balance the polarities each must be faithful and total to its nature. Then the love between them becomes spontaneous because each has an attractive energy for the other. Moreover, in that same instant, in which they relax enjoying each other's company, the same change miraculously appears with the external partner.

“The feminine principle is rooted in matter, rooted in the body. But man dreams. Man is a dreamer. The male principle is the principle of dreaming. No woman can understand why people are so interested in going to the moon. It looks so foolish. For what? What are you going to get there—some shopping? Better to go to MG Road than go to the moon. What will you be doing there? For what? And risking your life? No woman can understand why man wants to climb Everest. What are you going to get there? It looks so ridiculous. And all women deep inside know that all men are childish. 'Let them play, let them go and do their things.' She knows perfectly well that they are interested in foolish things: the football match, cricket—all nonsense, it makes no sense. You throw the ball on that side and they throw the ball to your side, and this goes on and on. What is the point of it? The woman is practical, down-to-earth. She is earthly. The male principle is like the sky, and the female principle is like the earth." OSHO 


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