International VOICING© Training - Modulo 6

V CHAKRA: FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION + THE SPHERES OF ESSENCE AND VOICING © The limits of expression that we have created both by imposition and by the need for adaptation in order to survive and function at a social level have already been the subject of the research we have undertaken so far. In this group we will focus our attention mainly on the aspect of authenticity as opposed to falsehood in communication. As always, the research method is initially to bring to light the condemned and unconscious aspects through their expressive expansion, reaching even the exaggeration and the dramatization, up to find the authentic love towards the overcoming of all the egoic limitations that it celebrates the divine dimension within us. We will focus attention on the structure of our beliefs in relation to the various chakras and, with more systematic attention, we will discover how the sung voice has the power to de-structure beliefs and free us from their slavery, We will learn to trust the chaos and to relax in not knowing. In fact, the 5th Chakra is the metaphysical seat of all beliefs. When one disidentifies oneself from them, the great door to freedom opens, replacing the need for explanations, indications and limits from the outside. Freedom that connects with the inner sense of one's truth and that leads to responsibility and the fulfillment of one's life. It no longer makes sense to complain about others, about events, about life itself because to vibrate at the 5th Chakra means to realize that we are the only architects of our life and that, by integrating this realization, we open the door to the infinite creative potential that we, in reality, we are. The celebrated colors are blue and blue. THE SPHERES OF ESSENCE AND VOICING® During the previous meetings you have certainly heard me mentioning terms such as Essential qualities, Point of light, Latif etc .: the time has come to better understand these terms and insert them into a general panorama. This meeting is an introduction to understanding the spheres of Essence (also called the Being) and the principle of individuation according to the paradigm of Faisal's Diamond Logos (and Diamond Approach H. Almaas). This approach explains, very exhaustively and with great precision, the formation of the Ego, its function and its relation to the spheres of the Essential fields and indicates how to make the 180º conversion that brings us back to the rediscovery of the inner dimensions of the To be what we all consciously or unconsciously yearn for. This understanding perfectly complements the VOICING® which is based on the experience of the voice as a great vehicle that naturally brings back the qualities of the state of the Esssere. The introduction of this knowledge provides a map that will facilitate both work on oneself and on others, adding clarity and precision to the achievements we have achieved so far.

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Themes: explore the emotions, free yourself from conditionings, strengthen your resources, rebalance energy,

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19 November 2021
(h 10:00)
28 November 2021
(h 16:30)
10 days
Second Chakra (part two) During the last meeting we re-opened contact with our feelings and found the way to express them with openness and honesty. Above all, we focused our investigation on the intense, strong and sometimes crude dimensions of anger, indignation, jealousy. We can now touch more intimate, vulnerable and hidden layers of our feelings, finding the right way to accept and express them through the regenerative action of singing. In particular, we encounter the vulnerability of the inner child and the dimension of pleasant envelopment, support and nourishment of the womb. For the voice it is a very important passage because it brings roundness, warmth and fluidity to the sound that remains deep and "in the belly". We often have negative reactions to the name given to us at birth. Most of the time we have felt it linked to requests or judgments but rarely to convey feelings of love or appreciation to us. This part of the training proposes a journey of exploration through the experiences of one's personal history, derived from how our name was pronounced when they called us. Finding the way to free oneself from negative associations, one can rediscover the beauty, the value and the appreciation it deserves. From here we will extend the investigation to the various layers of meaning inherent in the different sounds that make up our name, to arrive at the direct experience of the meaning of the sound composition called Name. A magic that leads to recognizing the essential dimension of your qualities and your talents and their integration into life. (In the Diamond Logos it is called the dimension of the Pearl). Similarly, we will explore the initiatory name that reveals the experience and meaning of your uniqueness in the spiritual dimension. (In the Diamond Logos it is called the Point of Light). It is not necessary to have received an initiatory name because, almost always, during this investigation one comes into contact with a "name" that reveals these dimensions. It turns out that the name can become an anchor that can be used to integrate innate talents, their beauty, their depth and their relationship with the world.


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