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Introduction to the power animal is the third of four online meetings with Anatta Agiman and the Osho Shamanic School Team. The meeting is complete in itself, it can also be attended individually. Shamanism is the Way of the Heart because it teaches us in an absolutely natural way to abandon our rational and skeptical side to use intuition and our inner wisdom.

Looking with the eyes of the Heart rather than those of the mind means remaining open to new dimensions: the ordinary and the more subtle, the outer and the inner. One of the fundamental teachings of shamanism is: "I am not just a physical body, linked to the cycle of birth and death. I am a vast field of energy and I am part of the Whole."

The teachings of shamanism lead us to:

  1. Develop and tap into our inexhaustible source of energy
  2. Open our intuitive channels and reclaim creative talents
  3. Recognize and affirm our inner power and develop the power of the ordinary and subtle senses
  4. Expand the perceptions and perspectives of the mind
  5. Recognize and express the incredible creative source within us
  6. Reconnecting to the power of Vision: of dreams, perception and intuition
  7. Tap into new forms of care and healing through the knowledge of ancient shamanic cultures
  8. Walk the Sacred Path of awareness and reach the Heart of Life

Introduction to the power animal and interpretation of its medicine - May 11 from 8,30 to 10,30 p.m.

  1. The power animal: characteristics and medicine.

  2. Ritual: meeting and contact with the power animal of this moment. Since birth, every human being has an animal of power, his ally and protector. When we are small, we recognize it instinctively, establishing a personal and intimate relationship with him. As we grow up, we grow apart and forget more and more about our friend, even though deep down we miss him. In this specific ritual of our shamanic journey, you can meet him. Referring to a particular situation or event of this moment, Anatta guides us to meet our guide animal, draw on its energetic characteristics, qualities, as well as its medicine and protection.

  3. Sharing

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“No one becomes really man without knowing that which is beyond the body; no one becomes man without knowing the soul. To be born in the form of man is one thing and to be Man is entirely different.” OSHO Seeds of wisdom


  • A disciple of Osho since 1978. A director of Gautama. Master of Meditation (RIMU).

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