Journey to the Roots of Love

Inner Male and Female, Relationships and Creativity

Category: thematic workshops,

Themes: free yourself from conditionings, strengthen your resources, understand masculine and feminine, relating,

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04 August 2020
(h 10:00)
10 August 2020
(h 16:30)
7 days
All of us wish love, creative fulfillment and a flowing life and we don’t realize we are already all this. We only need to find out what it is that prevents us from flowing: identifications taking us into doubt and mistrust, mechanical behaviours, which we wrongly believe to be our true self, forcing us to make unsatisfying choices. Following the path of Tao Essence we will find the courage to see the patterns through which we interpret reality and step out of them in order to relax in the present moment – the only possible reality. It is from this starting point that we can move, relate, and choose. This deeply transforming process can teach us how to go beyond the “voices” and movements that drive us in life and are not our inner voice.Our mind, with its judgments , prejudices, deep-rooted fears, family entanglements, past negative experiences, often rules us rather than being at our service. By exploring it, we will see conscious and unconscious ideas, ideals and beliefs that keep us trapped in unfulfilling relationships or living and working situations even if we are long-term meditators and have worked on ourselves. In this way, we will trigger our resources to improve our life and bring harmony to what we like but that cannot still fully bloom.After this step – reconnecting with our roots – we can move on to the second step: we will learn how to choose from our truth and Being discovering and respecting our inner priorities in every area of our life. We will no longer be guided by duty, guilt, the known or the strain of opposing feelings but by the courage of being in the Tao Essence, which all comprises and is pure relaxation in what is.Thus, the spark of Love ignites. This spark has nothing to do with the other, with the outside: it is just a dimension of our Being, the dimension from which we can decide to live our life. In it, relating and creativity become our life partners … a wonderful adventure.Guided meditations, gestalt exercises, Star Sapphire Energywork, breath, Ericksonian hypnosis and systemic constellations will help us in this process.


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