Viaggio alle radici dell’amore

Relationships and creativity in the light of the inner male and female

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Each of us in the Essence is love, creativity, fluidity, beauty, trust. In the original nucleus all these qualities are innate and intact and we long for their awakening. Every seeker knows that they can be rediscovered and they can guide his/her life.

The journey we propose is a journey to the center of ourselves in which we will experience and know our inner male and female. We will gain trust and courage to watch ourselves, to go out of ideals and fixed patterns, we will understand the nature of the desires that take us out of us without ever satisfying ourselves and we will discover what our real needs are and how to manifest them.
Often it is only our mind that guides us, but we can regain control over it by leaving the cage of judgments, prejudices, fears, family conditionings and attachment to the past, which deprive us of love, creative fulfillment and trust in life.

We will understand the mechanisms of identification that prevent us from meeting our nature, with our natural gifts and resources. We will learn to relax in the present moment: the here-and-now is the only true reality in which to move, relate and choose. We will discover how to go beyond the “voices” that are guiding us, bur that are not our inner voice.
We will also contact the contradiction and the paradox within us, learning to live them as a richness.
We are identified in a survival mode for which we reject the paradox, but we are much richer than we show. There are dormant parts that claim their own space and so far we have sacrificed to respond to false criteria of pure survival and blind love, to be accepted and wanted from the outside.
There are inner priorities that are knocking at the door, there are blocked energies that can't wait to flow again.
Usually the mind makes us move starting from the known, from duty, from guilt or shame. Added to this are the traumas that block the natural flow of energy and, under any trauma, there is an enormous amount of vital energy that we will regain.

The journey to the roots of love is a journey in the respons-ability of our own life, in other words in the ability to respond in the moment. The key becomes spontaneity, which is not naivety but being connected to the original source at every moment, in every action. If you do not know your Essence, what you are rich in and what you need, you are asleep, you choose unconsciously and your life becomes unhappy. Bringing your needs to light means not acting blindly anymore.

If you know yourself, your polarities and your nuances, you can act awake in this life, you can abandon mechanicalness and open up to the present. The choice of partners, work and life situations no longer become accidental.

This workshop can open you toward a dance: the dance of the masculine and the feminine. In every dance there is complicity, harmony of movement, fluidity, complementarity, giving space and allowing each other to be: a silent communication and understanding. Giving expression to both inner polarities means to let this dance happen. And if the dance happens, the renunciation, the duty, the expectations disappear: everyone is free to be what he is. Learning to let us and the other be totally is the basis of love for ourselves and for the other. External relations and the whole life take on different traits: richer, more satisfying, certainly more insecure and more fascinating. Anyone looking for him/herself can participate in this group.

We will use guided meditations, Gestalt psychology techniques, Star Sapphire Energywork techniques, breath, Ericksonian hypnosis, as well as meditations and exercises of the Taoist tradition.


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