Know your true Self

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Themes: explore the emotions, strengthen your resources, rebalance energy,

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In this workshop you will learn how to use your energy, your power, as a way to enter your inner being.

You will learn how to recognize and transform the repressed emotions and learn to come out with your potential: your creativity and your sexuality, and your capacity to love. You will get to know the connection between the “ex-plosive” chakras (sex – power – expression) and the “in-plosive” chakras (third eye – heart – hara) with a special focus on the third eye.

You will have an experience of various traditional meditation techniques as well as new group dynamics specifically connected with this kind of work.

 “First you have to move in yourself, because you are a miniature world. You move to your center, and from that center you have the first glimpse of how things are. The real is hidden. On the periphery are waves, on the periphery are dreams, on the periphery is just a show. Deep inside, in the innermost core of existence, is the hidden one.” Osho 

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  • Prashantam, a.k.a J.M.P. de Matos Born in Portugal 1949 Initiation from OSHO on 16th December 1...

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