Learning Love 1

The Foundation of Love

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We are not born knowing how to love. We have to learn it. Too often all our efforts to find and sustain love result in conflict, disappointment and frustration. We find ourselves repeating the same painful patterns over and over again.

The problem lies in the deeply seated wounds we carry inside which leads to dependency or isolation. This workshop deals with the three basic wounds: the wounds of shame, shock and our fears of separation and abandonment, the source of all our conflicts and difficulties in relationship. Through guided meditations, teaching, and carefully designed sharing exercises, we will explore this wounded-ness – giving space for each person to connect with this delicate and hidden part in his or her own way and time.
Exploring these inner spaces opens a door to deeply hidden feelings and by getting in touch with and by expressing these feelings, we become empowered and we learn how to create intimacy. By going deeply inside we connect with our essence and through this connection our life changes. This workshop provides specific tools for resolving conflict, for learning to set boundaries, and for expressing our needs simply and clearly.


  • Krishnananda (Thomas Trobe, M.D.) and Amana (Gitte Demant Trobe) have been leading seminars t...

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