Learning Love 1

From Co-dependency to Mature Relating

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In Learning Love Work we face the wounds of shame, shock and abandonment, we learn to understand, express, recognize and feel them. When we are not aware of these wounds, we can feel depressed, dependent or we can get into relationships with unavailable or abusive partners, feeling lonely and isolated. In a relaxed and supportive environment, we will integrate guided meditation, designed exercises and teachings that will help us healing our wounds. It is a delicate but effective approach, without pressure, that aims to give everyone the confidence and tranquility we need to explore our inner world deeply and lovingly. This seminar helps to build a foundation to relate from a space of love and meditation, instead of fear and dependence.
The focus of these Workshop is to teach how to transform the way we relate to ourselves and to others. Normally, we relate to ourselves with self-judgment, fear, and insecurity. In our intimate love stories, we are often either dependent or anti-dependent, demanding or rejecting love, we often feel disappointed, frustrated, controlled, or disrespected. This way of relating is based on unhealed wounds that come from childhood traumas and they affect how we live our lives today. We call this wounded part of us, "the wounded inner child". It is a part of us that is deeply vulnerable, insecure, frightened, mistrustful, and needy. Specifically, in the Learning Love Work, we deal with the wounds of shame, shock, and abandonment, learning to understand, recognize, feel, and express them. When these wounds are not addressed they can cause us to become depressed, addicted, enter into relationships with unavailable or abusive partners, or we remain lonely and isolated. When we begin to understand and feel these deeper parts of us, we become able to relate in a more mature and healthy way. We begin to understand that love is a gift and that the other person is not responsible to take away our fears and loneliness. We become able to express our needs but also to allow the other person to have his or her own life and freedom. We learn to take the space we need for ourselves but also make a priority to devote time together for intimacy, depth, and sharing. We learn to respect and become kind and sensitive to ourselves and the other person.


  • Krishnananda (Thomas Trobe, M.D.) and Amana (Gitte Demant Trobe) have been leading seminars toget...

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