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A Path to Aliveness



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Let the flow happen is the second of six Osho Pulsation online gatherings to awaken your vitality. A Path to Aliveness is a proposal of 6 gatherings of two hours each, from 18 to 20. Each gatherings is complete in itself and can also be attended individually, at any time you decide to participate.

We are all born as wild, creative beings, free to feel and express ourselves, in resonance with the pulsation of life...
Very soon we learn to adapt to the demands and rules of the environment in which we live by developing a complex system of emotional and physical tensions that allows us to make the expression of our vitality more acceptable, while moving away from that natural flow of impulses with which we were born.
We create a set of beliefs made up of behaviours and wrong feelings that we need to manage.

In the light of the explorations of Wilhelm Reich, Charles Kelley and Osho we will try to create a safe space in which to rework and relieve our tensions, decreasing the accumulated stress and expanding the ability to feel “at ease” with the different “waves” of our vitality.

You could need to prepare a private space where to sit and to move standing and to lie down comfortably, a blanket and a pillow.

It is required a minimun participation fee. The full amount is given to Miasto as a donation.  Please feel free to donate according to your availibility

Each single gathering requires a minimum contribution of  € 10.00 + € 18,00 for the annual membership card.

Those who decide to participate in the entire course of 6 gatherings the minimum contribution is € 50,00 + membership card

How to pay :

  • Bank transfer to Istituto Osho Miasto - Banca Etica IBAN IT14C0501802800000016934374
  • Through PayPal - specifying the email address:  amministrazione@oshomiasto.it 

Please specify date and title of the event.

Info & Booking : groupoffice@oshomiasto.it  - +39 577.960124

The next appointments:

Wednesday 17 February 6pm to 8pm with Maitri e Devi

Wednesday 24 February 6pm to 8pm with Nirdosh

Wednesday 3 March 6pm to 8pm with Leela

Wednesday 10 March 6pm to 8pm with Aneesha

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