A Gathering in Synchronicity to go Deeper into Meditation

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In the Love-Silence-Oneness meditation group in May 2019, we experienced deeply the joy and the silence of meditation. Together we opened a beautiful connection of love and oneness with each other, a synchronicity with something bigger and we also experienced deeper dimensions of meditation. This year we meet again in a meditation gathering to expand and deepen our connection in synchronicity. This gathering is for anyone interested in deepening their experience of meditation and of bringing the fragrance of meditation into their daily life. If you wish to take part you are welcome, it does not matter if you are an experienced meditator or just beginning. In our hearts, each of us will be bringing something beautiful and will also be receiving the contribution of everyone else. In meditation, you discover your unique being and expression, like an instrument ready to sing its song. In our synchronicity our songs come together, creating a symphony of love and awareness. Each of our hearts, like a unique flower, opens together in a garden of synchronicity, enhancing each other’s radiance and beauty. In all these years as meditators and facilitators, with all the beauty and the challenges that life brings us, we are discovering keys that have been making awareness and meditation more easily accessible and deeper for us. In this group we explore each key together, how it opens us to embrace our deeper nature and to live with joy and totality. The first of these keys is love. Love expands awareness and connects you to your centre. With love, everything becomes a meditation. Love can embrace you as you are, even with the disturbances and the imperfections that you may experience. Love opens your awareness and transforms the way you perceive others, the world around you and how you feel about yourself. Love brings compassion, gratefulness and an ability to value what is important to you. When you are aware of love, your awareness becomes loving and everything you know is touched by love. The second key is silence. As love expands, you connect deeper to the timelessness and silence of the centre. This space of silence is where a tremendous shift happens from thinking, doing and searching, to not knowing, being present, here-now, receptive and trusting in this moment. Silence makes the inner intelligence bloom beyond the limitations of the mind; you perceive yourself and your life in a greater context with more understanding. The third key is oneness. With love there is no separation, love connects you to something bigger. In silence there are no boundaries. Oneness is a vast awareness of being part of something bigger, being one with the whole, with all of existence. Out of oneness, a deep trust and receptivity to life arises. You open to what life is showering upon you and recognize the many opportunities life is giving you. In our five days together we will use these keys to expand our awareness and meditation with ease. We will use sitting in silence to deepen the awareness of our inner being. You will be guided in meditation exercises to find what makes it easier to live what you have discovered, in your daily life. With movement exercises and sharing we will bring lightness and joy into meditating together. You are invited to join whether you have participated last year or not, the only prerequisite is a longing to experience the bliss of meditation. Through synchronicity we merge into a powerful gathering of meditators in synchronicity with Osho, diving deeper and deeper into love, silence, oneness and beyond.


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