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About water emotions and other stories with the snow

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Emotions, Water and other snow stories

Three days of magical experiences for adults and children in the enchanted waters of Miacqua Sagar.

A workshop for the family in which adults and children can amplify their emotional vocabulary and create new creative ways to relate and communicate what they feel.

A possibility to have fun together and getting intimate meditating with playfulness and lightness, experiencing the living Buddhafield which is in Osho Miasto. Learning the qualities of flowing and welcoming of the water element, one can connect with trust and let go to what is, welcoming emotions as signals and as creative devices to meet your children. Metaphorical funny exercises on the floor and in warm water to experiment empathic listening, to express feelings in a creative way and to approach to water. Play and movement will be at the center of our activities as instrument for spontaneous and positive learning through the which it is possible to find new ways of relating. Meditations will become magic elixirs and mantras magic wizardries, understanding exercises, meetings with enchanted characters of legendary stories.

Listening, welcoming, caring, kindness as much as the capacity of leaving a child free to live an emotion, to know and face it, are fundamentals, and those qualities will be at the core of our project.

Respect is the awareness of one’s own freedom and the other’s, it’s a place where children find the capacity to express and to be heard and can open on a trustful environment. Everything can become meditation, even the way in which we are present to our emotions and to our children’s. “To educate a child before you need to educate yourself”. But what does educate mean? Which is the most useful education? Which strategy will be the best for a child to have more success or to be happier? The Art of being a parent is about being able to step aside, to put aside one’s own expectations, to create a fertile space for the child qualities to blossom.

This art can be practiced only with awareness, with presence and understanding of one ‘self, bearing in mind to be a witness while we see our children facing their life’s challenges. Being a parent can be lived with lightness and playfulness when you are able to see an opportunity out of a conflict, a hidden emotion out of a scene and an opportunity to try the empathic communication with your children.

Magicabula wishes to bring back the magic and the joy of being parents.

Respect, trust, freedom and love as keys to “educate”, fun and non-seriousness as instruments for mutual education.

In presence we can really tell our own story full of magic, allowing to be humans and not perfect; inspiring our children to listen to their own bodies and their emotions instead of imposing rules which are disconnected from feelings.



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