Magicabula - Winter

On magic, water and other stories

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Three days of magical experiences for adults and children in the enchanted water of Miasto Sagar. A chance to have fun together, enter into intimacy by meditating with playfulness and lightness and experiencing the living Buddhafield which is Miasto. Together in the magic circle we will experience communication and emphatic listening. We will learn to listen to our needs and express our feelings in a creative and playful way. By sharing the qualities of fluidity and acceptance of the water we will contact trust and let go of what is there and not what we would like to be there. Playfulness and movement will be the center of our activities. The game is used as a tool for spontaneous and positive learning, thanks to which new ways of relating can be found. Meditations will become the magical potion and mantras the magic spells and the relationship exercises will be a meeting in the enchanted forest. The sphere of emotions is a vast and unique subject for every individual and learning to recognize and express them is the basis for a vibrant and satisfying life. Listening, welcoming , kindness as well as the ability to leave the child free to live emotions, know and deal with them will be the core of the workshop . Respect is the awareness of one's own freedom and that of others; it is the place where emotions find the possibility of expressing themselves. Everything can become meditation bringing presence in everyday life or playing with a child. In the simplest activities and in the relationship with the other/child we find a space of silence and wonder from which we can respond rather than react. From that space we can really tell our story full of magic.

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