Meeting the Inner Judge

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The Inner Judge (also called Superego) is that specific part of our psyche that through judgments, prejudices, evaluations, expectations, standards and consequences, runs our daily life. How much time do we spend evaluating our performance, our appearance, our capacities or feeling guilty, ashamed or insecure? Every time we move towards freedom and we challenge the rigid boundaries of personality, the inner judge will attack us cause its function is to protect and maintain the status quo and oppose vitality, change and transformation. The most important step to fully be yourself and actualize your potential is then to learn to defend against the attacks of the judge by developing focused alertness and skilful means. This workshop is about: UNDERSTANDING: why the Superego is there, how it came to be, what its functions are. LEARNING: how to defend ourselves from the attacks of the Superego and break the inner pattern of conflict and the cycle of attack-reaction. COMING IN TOUCH: with deeper places inside where we can experience ourselves in a relaxed way and reconnect with our Essential Will and Essential Strength.

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