Melting in The Silence

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06 December 2019
(h 21:30)
08 December 2019
(h 16:30)
3 days
A journey into your own emotions, to know them better and to be able to express them boldly and directly. More and more coming into contact with our deepest parts. This will help to be more aware of your own emotional universe. his process will be facilitated by the preparatory activities which will take place on the ground, with the help of bioenergetic exercises, modulated specifically to help you to have a greater connection with the body, with the breath and with your feeling. You will experience some of the Social Meditations of the Humaniversity (Netherlands) and a special, exclusive AUM between Earth and Water, that will help you connect and interact with other people, bringing more openness in the relationship with the other. Dynamism and intensity of the AUM, with its cathartic force prepares the correct opening to merge into the Silence that the magical Water can give. It is an AUM reworked with the addition of a long period in water (36 °) that will give us the opportunity to take care of ourselves in pairs, exploring listening, through receiving and giving. Social Meditations, have been created to tackle the growing isolation that man is living. They are a real experience that through interaction with the other leads you to awaken and get back in touch with sensations and deep emotions, which, in most cases, were inhibited when we were kids. More and more, we forget how to love ourselves and others spontaneously. The stage in warm water, will be facilitated by the Watsu Operator: Jalesh Claudio Petrassi (President of Watsu Association Italy).

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