Memory Access Training 1 Master O.P.H.®

Access to the cellular memories - 2nd Brain

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Themes: strengthen your resources, rebalance energy,

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02 January 2021
(h 10:00)
06 January 2021
(h 13:00)
5 days

"It is a master of cellular memories and related beliefs.
“Cellular memory is the collective cellular energy field, generated by individual cellular memories. Our body contains our history and that of our ancestors, and therefore individual and collective experiences and emotions.” (Lipton)
The nine months spent in the womb have a greater impact than imagined so far, in the reiteration of automatic behaviours, both positive and negative. The process opens up the possibility of bringing memories to the surface, has the potential to reintegrate each person’s essential qualities, improves relationships, brings awareness to those mechanisms that occur in everyday life, connected to prenatal experiences and collective memories, which limit and prevent flowering completely.
During the path we work, through energy work, to activate memories or body sensations connected to what has been lived and of which there is often neither memory nor conscience. In this way, the automatisms that emerge in life can be recognized, understood, and transformed. It is a delicate process, living in a protected atmosphere to make space for acceptance and relaxation, to allow only what in the system is ready to dissolve to emerge with no effort. The work is divided into three levels corresponding to the “three brains” of the human system (navel, heart and third eye), those energy centres where both the intelligence and the issues that limit them live. It is a path that can be used, both to find balance and personal wellbeing and to learn a cycle of help sessions.
Memory Access is also suggested for those who already work in the holistic field and who want to enrich their experience and their field of action. After each module and the appropriate training, it is possible to give Memory Access sessions.
It is necessary to have taken part in O.P.H.1 and 2 or in groups related to early childhood, also an interview is required.

1ST PART: The navel, the first brain. The technique on the navel refers to that of Matthew Appleton of the Biodynamic Craniosacral, from whom we received the authorization to elaborate and present it from the O.P.H. point of view. The navel represents our centre of physical connection with the world; the mother fed us through the navel. Accessing the memories of the navel means bringing a deep cleansing and healing to the issues of relating, particularly how we relate with intimacy, nourishment, abundance, and certain ideas we have of ourselves. It can also be a gateway to the memories of merging with the whole we experienced in the mother’s womb.