Osho Neo-Vipassana Retreat

From Zorba to Buddha

Category: meditation group, residential,

Themes: tecniche di meditazione, rebalance energy,

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09 September 2020
(h 10:00)
13 September 2020
(h 16:30)
5 days

More people have experienced Satori with Vipassana than any other method. It is the technique with which Gautama the Buddha became enlightened. However... a new approach, or support, is needed for modern man.

Vipassana is an insight meditation, and understanding about oneself comes simply through allowing the mind process to slow down. It can be practiced by anyone at any time in any place. To really learn and experience the depth of Vipassana though, there is no better way than give yourself the time and space of a retreat, with Osho's active meditations to support you and private meditation counseling as part of your retreat. Allow yourself the luxury of just being, undisturbed by outside influences, and see what is possible when you bring your awareness, your attention back to yourself.

“The world was very different in the past, obviously. About six weeks worth of sensory stimuli six hundred years ago is what we now get in a day. Six weeks worth of stimulation, information, we are getting in a single day - about forty times the pressure to learn and adapt. Modern man has to become capable of adapting to new situations every day because the world is changing so fast. It is a great challenge. A great challenge, if accepted, will help tremendously in the expansion of consciousness. One thing is certain: there is no way of going back. The sensory stimuli will go on increasing more and more. You will be getting more and more information and life will be changing, with faster and faster rhythms. And you will have to be capable of learning, of adapting to new things." OSHO


  • Shunyo is originating from London and  she travelled to India. She has been practicing Osho’s ...

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