OPH® Osho Prana Healing Tr. 2

Energy harmonization training - Second part

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Themes: rebalance energy,

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Training topics - Astral Body: personal power, its healthy emanation and possible energy distortions also according to the Kapfmann triangle - Mental Body: air element, expansion and restriction - Intervention methodologies - From the dual mind to pure presence - Look, feel, see with the Heart - OPH distance healing method. Initiation and practice - Complete practice session - Reading of the auric body and interconnection with the chakras - Customer: energy interview and reading - OPH the Meditation Heart Master Technique - OPH Open Energy Meditation Techniques The OPH has operators and teachers throughout Italy and it is advisable to be followed by a tutor in training. OPH training has 3 different Masters: - Healing Shocks (for those who have completed the OPH course) - Healing with Sounds and Colors, open to all after an interview - Memory Access, open to all after an interview. On request, OPH courses are accredited by the Olos Academy as an integral part of the Wellness and Naturopathic Operator School.

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  • Has 40 years experience with energy work. Meeting Osho (1980) she also developed - with Chidvi...

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