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Themes: explore the emotions, rebalance the body, strengthen your resources,

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Power Breathing - Body Mind Therapy - Dynamic Stress Release Power Breathing gives you a profound experience of the work of the human breath: for healing, great being and spiritual awakening. You learn a beautiful therapeutic method for great stress release, emotional awareness and inner transformation. They allows you to look deep into the unconscious mind and to dissolve it's most unresolved conlficts. It supports your ability for being healthy, joyful, creative and meditative in your daily life. It dissolves negative breathing and chronic fear patterns and opens for the pleasure of feeling the flow of your bio-energy. With the help of Body Mind Therapy and Dynamic Stress Release and Emotional Release you learn to relax and vitalize your body, clear mental tensions, balance emotions, open your heart and your spiritual being. Active Meditations, key elements of body-psycho therapy, grounding techniques, tribal dance, the art of therapeutic touch and regression support this process of profound inner healing. A key in working with the power of breath is the understanding of the breath centres. Working with Breath Awareness gives you an insight into their functioning and their effect on reconnecting to an ecstatic state of inner being.

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  • Shanti from Mexico has studied communication sciences at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico...

  • Dwari has been a therapist for 22 years. She studied psychology at the University of Berlin and h...

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