Osho Diamond Breath Training Basic

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Themes: explore the emotions, rebalance the body, free yourself from conditionings, strengthen your resources,

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Tantric Breathing, Osho Birth Integration and Trauma Healing
Osho Diamond Breath gives you sophisticated techniques from the fascinating world of breath for exploring the early stages of life. In the light of conscious breathing you learn to overcome early life traumas and anxieties. Tantric Breathing reintegrates your pelvis into the movement of your breathing. Now the free movement of the breath wave travelling all along your body makes you aware of the tensions sexual conditioning and the birth trauma have caused in your body-mind. The way you are born and take your first breath decides the way you come out in life. In the process of Osho Birth Integration you realize the unfulfilled needs of a newly born baby for being in loving contact with the mother. After all the chemistry of sex is similar to the chemistry at birth between mother and child. Missing a relaxed birth and warm invitation into life you loose your breath. Without inner balance and trust you develop self-destructive patterns of fighting or collapsing. Trauma Healing allows you to release deep unconscious contractions from the birth trauma and heal the fear of separation and negative bonding with the mother. You experience your own rebirth and you learn to guide others through a breath taking birth process into a new life.

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