Osho Family Constellation Training 2

Category: training/formation,

Themes: explore the emotions, free yourself from conditionings, strengthen your resources, understand masculine and feminine,

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Topics dealt with in Module 2 - The three basic relations: children-parents, man-woman, parents-children - Children’s place in the different stages of growth and in case of separation - First partners’ importance in the family system - Different forms of entanglement: identifying and disentangling them to be able to establish adult love and work relationships with awareness - Separations, abortions and adoptions - Jealousy and betrayal in the couple - Language accuracy and its reconciliatory effect.

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  • She has a doctorate in Social Psychology Science. In 1978 she met the spiritual master Osho and s...

  • Anurag has a humanistic and business education. Through his work, he helps people to fulfill them...

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