Osho Family Constellation Basic Training 3

Module 3

Category: training/formation, residential, 2021,

Themes: explore the emotions, free yourself from conditionings, strengthen your resources, relating,

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The search for your individuality and the overcoming of the personality to live your life must pass through a deep work on the roots. This training is a path of personal growth that brings awareness to the original system. It opens a way to find our true place in the world and in relating with others. It allows us to develop our true potential through the comprehension of the silent and powerful bonds that unconsciously limit us in various areas of life. This training is for those who are interested in comprehending the dynamics underlying the functioning of the systems and the dysfunctions that prevent a full development of one’s potential, in identifying and dissolving conditionings in order to have a fuller life in all aspects: relational, professional and the inner search; developing the ability and the courage to make choices in harmony with ourselves; learning the foundation of a new phenomenological, powerful, and fascinating method. It is an essential tool for those who work with people in professions of help and want to learn to apply the basic techniques of this method, which offers complimentary tools for observation, diagnosis and support in one’s work. The basic path is divided into three modules happening in separate periods, allowing what has been learned to settle and integrate into one’s inner process. During the training, everyone will have the occasion to work with personal themes and to deepen the understanding of there family system. The basic training, divided into modules, is considered an organic unit. It’s not possible to take part in only some modules, but it is necessary to participate in all three modules. THIRD MODULE Repetition or compensation movement both in life and in relationships Receiving and impotence Illness and/or Failure as expiation Big conflicts and their influences on the individual and the system Identification with the victim and with the tyrant Entering into resonance with the client How to work from a space of awareness Accuracy of language and the reconciling effect Movement of the soul and the spirit


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