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Just before leaving the body, Osho created the three Meditative Therapies: Mystic Rose, No-Mind and Born Again. We can say that these Meditative Therapies represent the peak of his work and are a synthesis of East and West. Osho has defined Mystic Rose one of the most important meditations created after Vipassana.For three weeks we will experience together the healing power of laughter, crying and silence.Mystic Rose is made up of three phases of seven days each, each of which has a specific objective: to eliminate all the poison from your being, a poison that has been handed down from generation to generation over the centuries.During the first week we will laugh for three hours a day, non stop, without a reason, simply by coming into contact with this energy that abides within us. If you can laugh without reason, irrationally for seven days, you will see everything that has been repressed inside of you. Although, given the global situation of our planet, we are all weighed down by pain and suffering, this Meditative Therapy begins with laughter because laughter has been less repressed than crying and because laughing shakes the body armor that we have built around us in the course of life to protect us: during the first week we will enter more and more in contact with our unconscious, even through dreams, and after a week of laughter we will be ready for the second phase, that of crying. Tears have been repressed even more deeply: we were told over and over that tears are a sign of weakness, but it is not: tears clean up, not only our eyes but also our hearts; tears soften, it is a biological strategy that keeps us clean and light. The third phase is the silence. Osho called it "The watcher on the hill". You become silent as if you were alone on top of a Himalayan peak, absolutely alone and silent, simply watching, listening, being aware and still.In this Meditative Therapy you will be the patient and at the same time the surgeon who will give life to a deep inner transformation and, consequently, of your whole life!
"Hell is within you and so is paradise. They are not geographical places, they are your spiritual spaces. Cleanse yourself. And meditation is nothing but a cleaning of all the rubbish that has gathered in your mind. When the mind is silent and the heart is singing." Osho

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