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"Osho No Mind" is a bridge to reconnect to our natural state. This is a two-hour, seven-day process created by Osho to release the tensions of body and mind, so that meditation and relaxation can go deeper. In the first part we will use expression through gibberish and body movements, which will allow us to release our energy. We will reconnect with spontaneity and vitality beyond our usual analytical mind. Participants have the opportunity to connect to their expressions of energy and meet themselves, moment by moment. The second part will consist of an hour during which we will remain seated observing in silence, this will allow us to find a great space and a deep calmness within ourselves. "Osho No Mind" is one of four meditative therapies created by Osho, along with Mystic Rose, Born Again and The Forgotten Language. It has been scientifically designed for contemporary man and offers the opportunity for a breakthrough, freeing the path to meditation from what is old and passed. It is a simple and effective purely energetic process, which offers participants the opportunity to release tension and release new energy, without any external interference. You have the option to choose whether to do only the Osho No Mind Workshop or also the Training. The training will take place in the afternoon of each of the seven days of the process, while in the morning the two hours of Osho No Mind are a necessary and integral part of the training. It is possible to participate both to deepen one's understanding and experience, and to become facilitators of this revolutionary meditative therapy.


  • Bsc Law/Psychology, he is certified practitioner in Osho Transomatic Dialogue, the Akashic Proces...

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