Osho Pulsation Basic Training 2

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Each of the three modules are accessible as stand-alone experiences and includes 50-60 hours of theory, self-exploration and practice. We will present the Reichian Theory that underlies the work and in an atmosphere of love and support, we will be able to relax tensions and blocks in the body and the energy field, blocks which also prevent us from feeling positive feelings, pleasure and happiness. In Pulsation we allow both outward expression and expansion with active bodywork and an inner relaxation, a deep let-go in silence and meditation, where trust is felt as a welcoming in of life.In this second part of the Training, we will deepen the understanding of the Reichian Theory, combined with continued self-experience and individual sessions for all participants. Topics covered will be: - What is Pulsation; - Energy: the Life Force; - The Breathing Pulsation; - Energetic Charge and Discharge; - Reich's Orgasm Formula; - The thoracic segment release; - Exploration of the diaphragmatic segment

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  • Magna (David Rasulo) had been trained in “Neo-Reichian Energy and Bodywork” since 2001, by Aneesh...

  • Aneesha Dillon, American-born, trained in neo-Reichian education with Charles Kelley at the Radix...

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