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26 April 2019
(h 10:00)
28 April 2019
(h 16:30)
3 days
By practicing the first two levels, we realize that some changes and healing are possible, whereas other health or existential situations seem to be unchangeable. This makes us realize that we own a precious and effective tool to create the life we want, but it is not a magic wand.
Hence we realize that two attitudes in us need to be deepened and developed: the first is the ability to accept things as they are; the second is dropping the stubborn desire to achieve a certain result. Once we realize that life is both positive and negative, good and evil, heaven and hell, the Ritual of the Master facilitates and enables us, through intuitions and understandings, to "let go", "let it happen", "let it be", thus allowing us to live in a sort of synchronicity with existence. Whatever happens is experienced as the right thing, at the right time, in the right place, a support for an important evolutionary step in our growth. At this point, as Osho says: "A new possibility arises: there is no longer any need to create heaven or hell, it is no longer necessary to create anything. The creator can relax, he can step back". And when the mind drops out… here is meditation, awareness, light!April 26 - THIRD LEVEL (or Master for personal use) Here we learn the Master's ritual. A ritual that requires a learning time equal to the time that required each of the three rituals in the second level. It takes place in one day.26th - 28th April - MASTER FOR TEACHING
 The Masters for Teaching requires two more days, where we learn how to do all the Osho Neo Reiki first and second level Initiations.
It is recommended for those who want to devote their lives to teaching this natural healing method.

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