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Joy, trust, love

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During this workshop we explore the contact with ourselves and others through movement, dance and meditation, to invite joy, trust and love into our life. We reconnect with the resources we naturally developed growing up.

It is an opportunity to feel our body in a new way and to discover our potential and power.

When we come into contact with our power, we can bring more vitality and joy into our daily life. We discover different rhythms within and their correspondence with our behavior patterns.

This work gives us a wider perspective and understanding of our limits related to expression.

Through experiential exercises of body movement and guided meditations, we will expand our inner horizon and our trust in life.

The exploration of our self-confidence and the space of the heart naturally creates new openings to live life with totality, joy and passion!



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  • graduated in Psychology at the University of Zagreb (Croatia) and also received a diploma as Danc...

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