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This workshop is a joyous approach to meditation and Marco playing live music adds to this flavor. He has created the music specially for most of the techniques that we will be practising. You will experience the timeless techniques from Osho’s “Book of Secrets”, which consist of one hundred and twelve tantra techniques that are methods to bring awareness into daily life.

We will do some meditations on light and maybe on darkness. Our senses of touch, seeing and listening can be used to move into meditation. Being aware of our bodies and our breath are also ways to go deep into meditation, and dance is a beautiful way to discover how dance becomes meditation when you are totally in it.

Many people miss meditation because they think it is something serious and formal. It is not. Meditation is your nature and you may discover that all that is needed is to relax and let things happen. Some of the methods are done in silence and alone and some are practised with a partner.

This is a wonderful chance to experience how meditation with others is not only more juicy, as we are sharing our energies, but the loving atmosphere is a great support. This course is for busy people. Meditation is not something separate from life. It can be part of life and you will learn methods that you can practice in your daily activities, so no special time need to be set aside from your busy life.

All ages come to this course and people from all walks of life. It is often attended by beginners but also by those who need to reignite their passion along the way. No interview is needed. If you are attracted by the title and its meaning, then that is enough.

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