Polarità Maschile e Femminile

The Art of Love

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This training is an exploration of the dimensions of love and its aim is to bring consciousness to our relationships. Love is the only experience that can give meaning and significance to our life. We are often confused about the true meaning of love, due to many conditionings we are exposed to during our life. In this training we will gain an understanding of conscious love and it will change the way we relate to others, beyond projections that often hinder the truth.
All the conflicts happens primarily in our psyche and in these five days we will learn to see the relationship as a mirror that shows us the inner connection between our own male and female side.
In this course we will treat our inner man and inner woman as two separate sub-personalities that need their own individual self- expression and have their own creative potential. We explore how sometimes one side dominates or judges the other and doesn‘t allow enough space to the other side. This is often a root-cause for misery, suffering and conflict in relationship.
When we help each side to overcome wrong beliefs about love and drop social conditionings about masculinity and feminity each side becomes more capable to find authentic joy and creativity. This brings profound changes to a person’s relationships and way of working. Relationship is now no more a desperate need or a game of domination, but becomes a sharing of one’s joy and innocence.


  • Svagito is a therapist and spritual teacher, who combines therapy with meditation and mindfulness...

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