Understanding Male and Female Energy

The Art of Love

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Themes: free yourself from conditionings, strengthen your resources, understand masculine and feminine, relating,

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13 October 2021
(h 10:00)
17 October 2021
(h 16:30)
5 days

We project on others what we cannot see in ourselves. In these 5 days we will explore our own inner female and male energies and learn that the other is only a mirror that reflects back something to us that is already within. Now relationship and relating becomes an adventurous journey of self discovery.

We not only carry our parents as an often critical voice inside our mind, we also project our inner male and female energy onto an outside partner. All conflicts are really conflicts within our own psyche. And the root cause of such conflicts is the desire to get love.

In this course we learn that love is not be found out there, but that it is already inside. We explore how to get in touch with this inexhaustable source of love within and discover the true creative expression of our male and female energy. Only a creative person can be a loving person.

Often one of our inner sub-personalities is more in touch with her or his creative potential and sometimes needs our conscious support. When we learn to listen to the deeper knowing of our empty heart we overcome wrong beliefs about love and can step out of social conditionings about masculinity and feminity.

Once the inner man and woman are in touch with their authentic joy and creativity profound changes happen to our relationships, way of working and living.

Our exploration includes guided partner exercises, meditations and demonstration sessions, where we find answers to personal questions about work, creativity, relating and meditation.

The Art of Love is an experiencial workshop in two groups that you can booked separately.

"The whole life.....just a training for how to go back home, how to disappear. Because the moment you disappear, God appears in you. Your presence is God’s absence; your absence is God’s presence." Osho


  • Svagito is a therapist and spritual teacher, who combines therapy with meditation and mindfuln...

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