Primal Transformation Process

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Themes: explore the emotions, free yourself from conditionings, rebalance energy,

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22 June 2021
(h 10:00)
01 July 2021
(h 16:30)
10 days

Primal Transformation Process invites us to return to our childhood and bring out the pain we felt during that time, which is still within us and to expose illusions about the family we created to survive or illusions accepted by our parents and never doubted.

It is an intense process for courageous people, who seek the truth and are aware of having had a painful childhood, whose consequences still have an influence on their current life, because there are past wounds asking to be healed. When we were children, our emotional reality was denied and condemned and our emotions could not be expressed; everything has been buried in the unconscious and in our body; therefore, it continues to influence our lives. The denied child goes on living within us and limits our ability to answer authentically, inhibiting our relationships with other people.

Using different techniques, for example, guided meditations, Gestalt therapy, painting, bioenergetic, bodywork and sharing, this workshop allows us to build a bridge that brings us back to our childhood. In this way, old stuck emotions come to the surface and are transformed, creating space for love, spontaneity, authenticity and greater maturity.

In the first part (lasting 6 days and well structured: in silence outside the group room and on a diet), we bring light to the illusions and we meet painful repressed emotions; we regain anger, transforming it into strength and power. It is a process of separation and detection. The camel becomes the lion.
In the second part, we find the space of accepting the past so that the energy charge has no longer a hold on us. We learn to dis-identify from the Parental Voice and we become aware, taking responsibility for the pain created to others. Only when we reconnect with our heart can we let go of the past and live in the NOW with joy and love. The lion becomes the innocent child.

Even though divided into two parts, this is a unique workshop and it is necessary to take part in the whole process.

Prerequisites: Participants must have experience in group therapeutic work and must have previously experimented with Osho’s active meditations.


  • in 1977 went to live and work in the rapidly growing international commune around Osho in Pune...

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