Conscious Relationships and the Male-Female Polarity

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Themes: free yourself from conditionings, understand masculine and feminine,

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It is in our love relationships, where we experience the most ecstasy as well as the most pain in our lives. Because of what we learned about love and because of a child’s close bonding to his parents, we developed certain beliefs and attachments that create unnecessary misery in our adult life. Love and relating between man and woman, which could give us a taste of our divine nature, often becomes a source of dissatisfaction, anxiety and suffering. In this course we expose false beliefs about love and re-connect to a deep knowing about the true meaning of love. We explore how healthy relating can look like and learn to see the other as a mirror, who can help us to become more conscious of our own inner male and female polarity. Often we are more identified with one side while the other remains hidden or withdrawn. When we connect to the side which has true strength and by finding its authentic creative expression we become capable of leaving all games of domination and co-dependancy behind. Only through this inner shift true changes in relationships and in life in general become possible. If we stop judging ourselves, we will stop judging others. Now we can allow each of our inner sides to grow in their own pace and simultaneously we can give the same freedom to any outer partner. Peace and a silent joy follow naturally. Now love becomes a very soft sharing. In this course participants will understand different dimensions ofgeneral. We use constellations, Gestalt work, playful exercises and guided meditations in our approach.
"Unless meditation is achieved, love remains a misery. Only two meditators can live in love." Osho

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