Sahaj: il Fuoco della Spontaneità

Osho Pulsation Bodywork

Category: thematic workshops,

Themes: explore the emotions, rebalance the body,

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24 December 2019
(h 10:00)
26 December 2019
(h 16:30)
3 days
An exploration of our ability to express what we feel, reopening to the spontaneous flow of our vital energy. The whole body will be involved, with a particular attention to the muscular segments of the mouth, neck and throat. We are going to try to let ourselves go deeper to the impulses that naturally are rising from within, also connecting and melting those tensions usually keeping us stuck.

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  • Magna (David Rasulo) had been trained in “Neo-Reichian Energy and Bodywork” since 2001, by Aneesh...

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