Sahaj: The Fire of Spontaneity

Osho Pulsation Bodywork

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Themes: explore the emotions, rebalance the body,

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05 August 2021
(h 10:00)
08 August 2021
(h 16:30)
4 days

Sahaj: the Fire of Spontaneity is an Osho Pulsation Bodywork, an exploration of our ability to express what we feel, reopening to the spontaneous flow of our vital energy.

The whole body will be involved, with a particular attention to the muscular segments of the mouth, neck and throat.
We are going to try to let ourselves go deeper to the impulses that naturally are rising from within, also connecting and melting those tensions usually keeping us stuck.

Opening with confidence to the spontaneity of the life flow will make it possible to channel in a healthy and creative way that energy that was previously used in creating protection and repression. We will have the opportunity to deeply relax in contact with our inner fire.

Osho Pulsation Bodywork is a methodology that supports one's personal growth path, bringing the body back to the center of one's life.
By getting back in contact with the body, using Neo-Reichian breathing techniques and physical exercises, paying attention to sensations, together with osho meditations, it is possible to give physical and emotional tensions the necessary space to gradually melt away. The body will become more fluid and flexible and so will the experience we have of life.
This workshop is suitable for beginners who want to discover the synergy that is created in the encounter between body, therapy and meditation. And, for experts, a good opportunity to reconnect with the depths of being and to revitalize the body.


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  • Magna (David Rasulo) had been trained in “Neo-Reichian Energy and Bodywork” since 2001, by Ane...

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