In Search of Ecstasy

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03 April 2019
(h 10:00)
07 April 2019
(h 16:30)
5 days
Shamanism and Tantra embrace universal phenomena, recognized by every civilization. What connects these two paths and makes them similar is the desire, always present in every human being, to return to a state of spontaneity and naturalness. Tantric Shamanism it is the merging of these two paths, a merging that makes each of them even more powerful and effective. Both the Shamanic Way and the Tantra Way are paths of freedom, which help us let go of old conditioning and come in contact with the life force that is there in each of us. Through an intimate connection with ourselves, with life, nature, the others and the world around us, we become more sensitive to our subtle energies. Tantric shamanism is a path closely connected to personal growth. It leads us towards a spiritual vision, making us experience an expansion of consciousness that takes us on the path of ecstasy. To fully understand it, it is necessary to experience it, live it and make it become an integral part of ourselves, of our Essence.During these five days we will experience: - Shamanic and Tantra rituals - The Art of Massage and Sacred Touch - The Art of Breathing - Meditation - Visualization and RelaxationDuring this workshop there will not be any nudity or any other form of interaction that can make participants feel uncomfortable. All sessions will be lead with utmost respect, always considering personal needs and availability. The work will take place in a protected and reassuring environment, so that we can feel at ease, relaxed and ready to open up to our energies respectfully and softly.

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