Self Healing

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Category: thematic workshops,in water,

Themes: rebalance the body, relax, rebalance energy,

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Knowing yourself and your inner condominium allows you to understand what are the voices to which we respond every day, what are the hooks and opportunities to which we have rented parts of our Being.
The immersion path in the inner palace is dedicated to those who want or need to do cleaning by getting rid of hidden traps, to those who want to look at themselves without the filters of educational alibis. To get out of the beaten path, from living a life, to understanding one's vital potential. It is a path of responsibility and taking charge of oneself, or the ability to respond to one's choices, to the process of individuality and joyfully support the freedom to flourish.
We will work with the techniques of Self-Healing: rebirthing, circular breathing - in water and on the ground - we will move body and creativity, voice, we will participate as an integral part of the workshop in Osho meditation techniques together with the Commune: Dynamic, Kundalini and Evening Meditation are recommended.
It is an intensive process that requires a desire to explore sincerely. No previous experience nor an interview are necessary.


  • Gila has a background as an artist and has been an actor since 1980 and with Osho since 1982. She...

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