Self-Image and Space

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To be able to grow, to feel good and to expereince the subtle manifestations of Being, we need a conscious relation with Space. perhaps you have noticed that when you feel good, when you feel expanded, when you feel connected with yourself, you perceive space in a different way than when you are depressed and disconnected.This relation between how we expereince Space (inner and outer) and wellbeing, is fundamental and relates to our awareness of our self-image and the dynamics with the Inner Judge.One of the basic functions of the Judge is to hold and protect a particular self-image through habits, judgements and mechanisms of defence and survival. this self-image exists as a collection of psychic, emotional and physical boundaries which define who is "me" and who is the "other", Very much like the walls of a castle they protect and contain what is "inside" and separate from what is "ouside".Our perception of Space, both inner and outer, is therefore conditioned by these walls, these images and by the Superego and they prevent us from experiencing the real nature of the mind: the Void, Space in its abolute purity.

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