When sex becomes intimate

How our sexuality changes as our relationships go deeper

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This workshop provides the basic understanding and tools to help you bring more sensitivity, connection, safety, and relaxation to your love-making with your intimate partner.
Sex naturally changes as intimacy deepens.
In the beginning, our relating and our sexuality with a person can be trouble-free. But with time, as we become more open and vulnerable, difficulties may arise. Fears and insecurities may come up that we were not aware of. Deeper intimacy brings more vulnerability and that may in time open buried traumas, insecurities, and fears.
We may find that the way we make love is no longer nourishing and only leaves us feeling empty and without a deeper connection to our partner.
Or we may experience different kinds of dysfunctions and that our body is not behaving as we would like.
We may find ourselves missing the carefree sexuality that we had in the beginning and try different ways to get it back.
This workshop will help you to:
1) Become more sensitive to your body and learn to feel and appreciate why the body reacts in the ways that it does and to feel when fear or insecurity arises.
2) Understand why and how these fears and insecurities are coming up and to validate and be sensitive to your fears and insecurities.
3) Become more aware of your sexual energy and needs.
4) To find effective and loving ways to communicate your energy, needs, fears, and insecurities related to sexual intimacy.
5) Recover a natural sexual aliveness and playfulness
This is not a seminar for exploring sexual Tantric exercises. It is an inner exploration of the wounds that are interfering with a natural and flowing sexuality. The work in the seminar happens through teachings, sharing exercises, inner inquiry, meditations, dancing and exploring deeper sensitivity in the body through guided meditations.
This seminar is open to individuals as well as couples.

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