Systemic constellations for a Yes to life

Family, relationships, work, trauma and creativity

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Themes: free yourself from conditionings, strengthen your resources, rebalance energy, relating,

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22 April 2021
(h 10:00)
25 April 2021
(h 16:30)
4 days

Systemic constellations for a yes to life is a work that offers the possibility of looking at the dynamics within one's family of origin, of the relationship, of professional life and of psycho-physical balance.

This workshop can be of help to all those who need to clarify their life. For those who want to get out of a stalemate, who want to increase their creativity and bring lightness into their life.

It is aimed to all those who want to take a leap outside the patterns imposed by the personality and the cage of conditioning to experience how to live in the dimension of Being.

The bond with the family of origin is essential and very deep and is the basis of our behavior and our perceptions and this limits our creative and vital expression.

Certain events and traumas, which occurred in our childhood or adult life, may have blocked, and encapsulated the energy needed to go through life in a relaxed and confident way.

Systemic constellations are a powerful method of revealing the unconscious dynamics that guide us in life. Understanding and seeing them allows us to rediscover the interrupted or diverted flow of love, allows us to reconnect to our natural creative potential.

We will also use the Constellations of the Five Elements, created by Anurag about ten years ago, which allow the observation of psychosomatic themes. The Constellations of the Five Elements are an integration between systemic work and the Taoist approach to medicine.

Each participant will have the opportunity to stage their own constellation and receive individual attention with respect to their theme.

The constellations will be enriched with guided meditations, body awareness exercises and dance.

“I don't give you a goal, I don't even give you a sense of direction. I simply make you aware of the facticity of life, what it is, how it is. Fall in tune with it. Go along with it, with no personal, private desires, with no ideas how it should be. Let it be as it is, and you relax.” OSHO

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