Systemic Constellations: a bridge to the joy of living

Family, relationships, work, trauma and creativity

Category: residential,

Themes: free yourself from conditionings, strengthen your resources, rebalance energy, relating,

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03 June 2021
(h 10:00)
06 June 2021
(h 16:30)
4 days
Systemic constellations can be a bridge to joy. They are an instrument of observation and understanding of the unconscious dynamics that move us in unhappiness and that originate in our family systems.

Each of us deserves to live a life full of joy. Joy is connected to the total expression of our Being. Joy means to blossom. It means realizing one's inner qualities and finding fulfillment in all areas of life. Joy means total expression of yourself.

Failures or difficulties in relationships or in the professional environment are always linked to our system of origin and to any traumas, both transgenerational and personal.
The bond with the family of origin is essential and very deep. It shapes our behaviors and subconsciously influences choices and world views. Some traumatic events that occurred in our childhood or adult life may have blocked and encapsulated the energy needed to go through life in a relaxed and confident way.
Systemic Constellations is a workshop that can be of help to all those who need to clarify their life. To those who want to get out of a stalemate, who want to increase their creativity and have healthy and adult relationships both with their partner and with their children and in the profession. It is aimed at anyone who wants from conditioning to experience the way of expanding the joy of Being oneself.
Understanding the unconscious dynamics that guide us makes us rediscover the interrupted or diverted flow of love, reconnecting us to the present and to the possibility of living in a new way.
We will also use the Constellations of the Five Elements, created by Anurag about ten years ago, which allow the observation of psychosomatic themes. The Constellations of the Five Elements are an integration between systemic work and the Taoist approach to medicine.

Each participant will have the opportunity to stage their own constellation and receive individual attention with respect to their theme.

The constellations will be enriched with Osho active meditations, guided meditations, body awareness exercises and dance.

"When the awareness goes deeper and deeper in you, slowly slowly, a few moments arrive -- moments of silence, moments of pure space, moments of transparency, moments when nothing stirs in you and everything is still".

OSHO, Philosophia Perennis



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