Tantra and Meditation for couples

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Themes: for couples, meditation techniques, understand masculine and feminine, rebalance energy,

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Deepen your meditation and for 3 days let go into Miasto' s Warm Water Pool. Take a break from the routines of daily life and come to OSHO Miasto were we have prepared a container to nourish your relationship with spaces of silence, intimacy, relaxation.

To support and deepen the relationship we will be using:

- meditations that OSHO has indicated supportive for couples,
- simple meditation techniques and explorations in water
- tantric meditations both in the group room and in water originating from the tibetan Buddhist tradition that has been adapted to westerners.
- Osho's vision and teachings on tantra
- a protected space for sharing

These 3 days in the warm water pool in Miasto and simple ancient tantric meditations can become a foundation that keeps supporting the deepening of the intimacy in your daily life. This group is deeply rooted in meditation.

These 3 days is also an introduction to our group The Alchemy of Tantra for Couples that will take place from 28/12 till 31/12-2020.

The prerequisite for participating is that both want to be together.

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