Tantric Breath

Category: thematic workshops,

Themes: explore the emotions, rebalance the body,

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05 December 2019
(h 10:00)
08 December 2019
(h 16:30)
4 days
This group teaches you to accept, love and transform your self by Trance Energetic Breathing. You gently open your life energy flow and release old fears around intimacy. You relax into the beauty of your body and its senses and experience the greatest gift in life: to open your heart for the joy of being alive. This jourey along the stages of your sexual development brings new health, light and clarity to your love life. You discover amazing breathing techniques to surf on the waves of your energy. Tantric meditations support your inner journey from sex to the heart."To transform sex into spirituality is my basic approach. Meditation and love should go hand in hand". "If we can create a world where lovers are meditators too, then there will be no problem.” OSHOThis group is also the beginning of theOsho Diamond Breath® training first part .