The Alchemy of Tantra for couples

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Tantra is yes to each moment. Being in each moment with an openness, an attitude of yes. It is often difficult just to be in this moment. These 3 days are dedicated to nourishing the space of intimacy, lovingness and sweetness in your relationship and an oppurtunity to reconnect and recharge the batteries. This groups involves: - A Tantra Map with Ancient Tibetan Buddhist Tantric Meditation Techniques that originates from from of the lineage Padma Sambhava and has been ”adapted” to westerners through Jes Berthelsen and further on through Neel Fasting from Vækstcentret in Denmark. - Osho’s meditations and teachings on tantra - Exercises / Meditations - Spaces of sharing - Dance and Movement What do you get from this group: - A structure that takes away the feeling lostness and gropping in the unknown we often have in sex - Tecniques that support depth and a spaces of lovingness in relationship and relating in general - The space of individuality grows. In your sexual life you’ll find: - More relaxation - Playfulness - Creativity - Stepping out of having to perform - A shift from the other towards yourself This group you will give you keys to bring meditation-practise into sex. Through this you’ll becomes less focused on outcome and less performing. There is more being in the moment, being in the flow and a sense of trust emerges. In the work and the seminars there is no therapeutic approach, even though the work might have therapeutic results. The prerequisite for participating is that they both want to be together.

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