The Art of Love 1 - Conscious Relationship

Category: residential,

Themes: free yourself from conditionings, understand masculine and feminine, rebalance energy, relating,

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12 August 2020
(h 10:00)
16 August 2020
(h 16:30)
5 days

"This workshop is an exploration of the dimensions of love and how to bring consciousness into our relationships. Love is the only experience that can give meaning and significance to our life. Because of a wrong conditioning we are often confused about the true meaning of love. In this workshop we will gain an understanding of conscious love and how this will change the way we relate to others.

Because of what we learned about love and because of a child’s close bonding to his parents, we developed certain beliefs and attachments that create unnecessary misery in our relationships. Love and relating between man and woman, that could give us a taste of our divine nature, often become a source of dissatisfaction, anxiety and suffering.

In these 5 days we look at the origin of our relating patterns and how to move beyond the attachment towards our parents and original family. In blind love we relate from the space of a child trying to obtain love, in conscious love we are capable of sharing love.

During our exploration we use systemic constellations, guided meditations and playful exercises. Svagito will give demo sessions on personal questions of participants and the students who are more advanced will have the chance to learn how to work with relationship issues.



  • Svagito is a therapist and spritual teacher, who combines therapy with meditation and mindfulness...

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