The Greatest Gift

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The greatest gift that you can shower on yourself is meditation. Osho techniques of meditation have touched millions of people around the world and continue to be the most adequate to help you to live counsciously and in love and gratitude with yourself. Wether OSHO has been in your life since longtime or you are recently inspired by his teachings and meditations come and join this opportunity to go deeper along the journey torwards your inner realisation. Prashantam practices regularly meditation for more than 40 years focusing specially on Osho meditations and he will share his experiences so that your search may be enjoyable and giving you the results you want. This will be a close encounter with OSHO through his meditations.

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  • Prashantam, a.k.a J.M.P. de Matos Born in Portugal 1949 Initiation from OSHO on 16th December 1...

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